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I had my vein surgery with Dr. Spitz. I was very surprised to realize that I had a lot more energy within days of having the surgery. And I was a lot more mobile than I thought I would be. I actually never experienced pain. I did fill the pain meds, but never had to use them. Before the surgery, I had trouble at night with my legs, and I was restless at night. After the surgery, this restless feeling went away. I only needed two sclerotheraphy sessions, and my legs look better than I ever thought they could. Thanks Dr. Spitz! I enjoy looking at my legs now.

~Beverly C.

Dr. Spitz and his staff were extremely professional and accommodating. I live out of state, and I was in town for a short time to include the surgery and all follow-up appointments. The office ensured I received prompt attention and scheduled all of my appointments efficiently. I recovered quickly and with little discomfort. I would definitely recommend Dr. Spitz and his amazing procedure for varicose vein removal to anyone considering this type of surgery.

~Stacy L.
Jacksonville, NC

Just a big thank you for all you have done for me with my varicose vein surgeries. I am so pleased that my legs don’t ache anymore. My customers in my beauty shop can’t believe the difference! Thank you! I can’t say enough good things about you and the TriVex System.

~Sue H.

I had a wonderful experience at AmeriVein Systems in Aurora, IL. My varicose veins were painful, but I didn’t want the traditional surgery a few of my friends had in the past. I attended a seminar given by Dr. Spitz and Dr. Braxton and learned about the TriVex System. Immediately, I made an appointment with AmeriVein Systems. I decided to have surgery and was so glad I did. I no longer have to depend on support stockings, and my legs feel great.

~Kathleen M.
School Librarian

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